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With 25% of online retails bound for smartphones and tablets in 2017 mobile apps are undoubtedly the future of commerce.

By using an app customers can communicate with existing or future customers in a direct way and at the same time promote brand awareness and increase sales. Our app development team is passionate about what they do and eager to apply their experience in developing an app that reach your project’s objectives.

We are dedicated to the professional management of your project and will keep you up to date with the latest developments.

The skill and knowledge of the Be Visible Maputo app development team culminate into concepts and solutions for different kind of businesses, etc. Finance, Marketing, Transport, Property, Entertainment and many more.




Developing a mobile app through Be Visible Maputo can greatly benefit your business in the following ways:

Increase leads and revenue

Increase awareness of your company and brand

Increase promotion and sharing

Increase loyalty of your customers

We assist companies in formulating a clear mobile app strategy and front-load it for success

The user’s experience when using an application is very important in determining the success of the app.  As developers we steer away clear from apps that leave users with a frustrating “My gosh, I am glad I got through that”- reaction and instead we provide them with an enjoyable experience wishing they could do more with the app.

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Mobile Apps developed by the Be Visible Maputo App Development team are:

Stable and reliable / Consistent with the platform / Loads fast / No UI hang-ups /

Consider the user as a valuable consumer / Provides worthy functionality.

The aim of a successful mobile app strategy is to provide an environment that makes it easy for users to engage with your business and encourage them to buy your products. Be Visible Maputo is dedicated to creating just such an environment.

Call us today or click here to request a quote on our app development services.



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